Start with THE POD F. TOMPKAST Extrasode: Chik Tract. A rare foray into social commentary at The Paul F. Tompkins Show. Full-length episodes resume next month!

Then! On COMEDY BANG! BANG! Episode 169: Immortal Mustache host Scott Aukerman and guest Jay Chandresekhar are joined by the one and only Cake Boss (Cake Boss)!

Please! Proceed on to the SUPEREGO/THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR crossover, The War of Two Worlds: Part 6! This thing is getting more and more insane! And it started out being downright pomegranoodles!

All funny!  ALL FREE!

Reblogging for the first link, Paul’s take on Chick-Fil-A is awesome. I’m sure he’s great on Comedy Bang Bang too, haven’t listened yet. And Thrilling Adventure Hour is always a must listen.

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